Sydney Sunsets

Making travel friends and keeping in touch with them really pays off. Between my girlfriend Rockie and I, we had a dozen places to stay for free during our three-week hitchhike journey from Cairns to Sydney. When there were no friends to stay with, it was not a problem finding a cheap youth hostel along the way.

In Sydney we got hooked up with the best scene yet. A travel buddy from my European trip five years previous gave us the keys to a vacant home he owned. A free place in a cool neighborhood for as long as we wanted to stay. Many friends Rockie and I had from Indonesia were also in Sydney. Score upon score. The only buzzkill came a week later when Rockie was due to leave for Fiji. After five months of adventurous bliss with this beautiful Brit, I had to bid her a sorrowful farewell.

Bye, bye love from Sydney Harbor.

A travel friend from Indonesia, Scottish Pat, filled my lonely vacuum and moved in after Rockie split. Pat scored me a job delivering junk mail door to door and we had a good time getting stoned and exploring the city on foot. Pat liked to party as much as I did, so we started having small bashes at the house once a week. New friends were made, adventures done, and cash earned. I stayed a total of 6 weeks for free in Sydney and saved $300 for the last leg of my Oz tour. As all good things must come to an end, my visa was expiring and my itch to move on was instilled once again. A farewell to pals.

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