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Thank you for visiting my web site and having an interest in my travel books. I am especially happy with the comments in the stompers.com Guest Book, so please take a moment and write a quick note to me or to other travelers. Several of the comments elicit support or provide additional travel information for those of you preparing for an extended trip. The emails in the Guest Book can be a great way for travelers to get in touch with each other and share their resources.

The Stomp Goes On ... It's been over 10 years since I executed my three-year trip around the world and began writing my first book, World Stompers. The book has currently been released in its fifth edition and is now considered a "Travel Classic." Check it out on Amazon.com for a complete description. And if you would be so kind to write a glowing book review, I'd certainly appreciate it. It seems there are some people who like to slam books on Amazon.com that don't understand the context of the book before they buy it and subsequently bash it. Let me be clear: World Stompers A Global Travel Manifesto is designed specifically for new travelers, especially those who are considering an extended trip around the globe. It is written in a footloose and fancy-free style, including information on where to party. (that's why some people travel, right?) For those of you who are already well-traveled, or know what it's like to live abroad for several years, let me give you a piece of advice: this book is not for you. In the event you buy it and find the information inappropriate, you have been forewarned, so please don't slam the title in an Amazon.com book review.

A Stomp to Sacred Places. My latest literary endeavor is a series of guidebooks devoted to location-specific travel to 108 destinations. I just spent most of the Summer of 2004 in Europe working on a new title in the "108 Series." My latest published book in this series is entitled Sacred Places Around the World, now reissued in a second edition. Sacred Places North America: 108 Destinations was released in January, 2003. For the last few years I have been traveling extensively to these spiritual sites and these journeys have literally changed my life. Sometimes the sites I write about are well-known (Mt. Shasta, CA; Lourdes, France; Sedona, AZ; Borobudur, Indonesia) and some are rather obscure (Kensington Runestone, MN; Damanhur, Italy; America's Stonehenge, NH; Ellis Medicine Wheel, Canada), yet all radiate with a discernable quality that can only be understood by personally experiencing these locations. I find these journeys incredibly rewarding as a seeker with a higher purpose, and I can only hope that my Sacred Places guidebooks will assist other travelers in their search as well. My seventh book, Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations, is in the preliminary research stage, and as usual with most of my books, it will take a couple of years to complete. Be patient and I will do my best to produce another outstanding literary work. As with my other titles, I will photograph, illustrate and draw all the maps, so these things take time. It's a laborious process to be sure, but hey, someone's got to do it! With a little luck I'd like to develop a television series on travel to these sacred places. After all, these sites have inexorably influenced the development of the human race.

We Can All Make a Difference. As we boldly travel into the 21st century, I am optimistic that humanity will achieve world peace in the context of social and technological advancements. Such is the philosophical belief of my nonprofit endeavors with the World Peace Through Technology Organization. If given the opportunity, I would like to personally lead an educational bus tour around the world in hopes of increasing the wisdom and compassion a few of us from the United States wish to impart on others in lesser privileged countries. Please check out our website at www.peacetour.org for a complete description. In the meantime our organization produces the How Weird Street Faire www.howweird.org in San Francisco.

Thanks again for stopping by my website (and hopefully picking up a book),

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Brad Olsen www.bradolsen.com

January 2005, San Francisco, CA

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