Dr. Ho -- for all your wellness needs

Suffering from the ubiquitous "Chinese Travelers Hack," David and I were recommended to pay a visit to Dr. Ho. We rented bikes in Lijang and rode out to the small farming village called Baisha. Baisha is right at the base of the towering Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Herr Doktor is seeing patients now.

As if we were arriving right on time for an appointment, the spunky Dr. Ho came running out of his clinic to welcome us. Sitting us down with some tea, he asked about our ailments. We explained how all the Chinese people spitting everywhere had infected our lungs, and now we too were spitting up giant globs of green phlegm. The doctor understood completely.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain dominates the region.

As he mixed his concoctions, Dr. Ho explained to us how he goes herb picking every spring when the snow melts on the mountain. We drank our new anti-phlegm drink as Dr. Ho continued with many colorful stories. He told us the sad story of the authorities shutting him down during the Cultural Revolution. He showed us the scrapbook of publicity articles and photos people have sent him from around the world. We thanked the doctor, made a contribution to the clinic, and rode back to Lijang. Sure enough, the hack stopped and the phlegm dried up. I'm a believer!

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