Do Not Move From This Chair For One Week

Having partied way too hard for the last two months in Goa, I needed to escape. I teamed up with another American who also wanted to split the scene and check out a different part of India. We just headed south with no particular destination in mind.

17 hour days -- just hangin' out.

Jovis and I arrived at the small beach village of Varkala nearly totally exhausted from the 36-hour exodus to get there. Checking into beach bungalows for a dollar a night, we felt it necessary to do nothing for a solid week. The days melted into each other in what now seems like a surreal tropical dream. Jovis was an illustrator like me and we found nothing wrong with sitting at our favorite beachside cafe from sun up to sun down listening to our tapes, drinking coffee, smoking pot, and drawing pictures. Sometimes traveler friends would stop by for a chat and a smoke. They always knew where to find us. Others, like Sir-Talk-A-Lot or Yappity Kim would rap our ears off, until even they would become too bored with our quiet drawing sessions and walk away. After a week, Jovis and I became bored too.

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