Yogyakarta: Cultural Capital

Sultan's Palace parade.

Escaping the cesspool capital city known as Jakarta, I quickly made my way to Yogyakarta, or simply, Joja. The scenic Joja is the cultural centre of Indonesia. Nearly every week there is some kind of festival or celebration going on. It is also an artistic center with many beautiful clothes and crafts for sale.

Getting in trouble at Borobudur.

Although Java Island (and most of Indonesia for that matter) is Muslim, Joja is home to one of the most impressive Buddhist monuments in the world -- Borobudur. The massive Borobudur was built in 800 AD when Buddhism swept the islands. Likewise, the nearby temple complex of Prambanan was constructed by Hindus when their religion was introduced a century later. The Muslims, unfortunately, contributed only by defacing both monuments of Indonesia's ever-changing culture.

Always a crowd pleaser.

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