Lombok is for Lovers

Rockie and I recognized each other in a Bali nightclub. "I know this sounds tacky," I said as I walked up to her, "but I know I've seen you somewhere in Southeast Asia." "Oh yea," she said in her charming British accent, "you're the guy who lost his Frisbee in Koh Phangan. Mr. Frisbee Man!" Bingo. Rockie introduced me to her friends in the bar, two other British girls and a Scotsman named Pat. We bought more drinks and got really hammered. To avoid a hangover we went out to dance for a few hours. Close to sunrise, Rockie and I slipped out of the club for a skinny dip on the beach. We became very close for the next five months.

Me and the Brit chicks.

Pat flew to Australia a week ahead of us (a destination we were all heading), so I took the girls to the neighboring island of Lombok. Lombok is famous for its huge volcano, wide diversity of animals, and black magic witch doctors. Rockie and I decided to forsake all of Lombok's fine attractions for multiple sessions in our bungalow. We occasionally stepped outside to have a meal or go scuba diving. Even the other two Brit chicks got shagged. One by a machismo Indo dude, the other by an Aussie Stomper. Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile . . .

Hindu Goddess of love and rock 'n' roll.

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