Monkey Boy and his Jealous Primate

I met David, an American from Hawaii, on the Pelini boat from Sumatra Island to Java island. We had a lot in common, and were traveling overland in the same direction towards Bali Island. We would see each other every few days, go on an adventure, and meet up again in the next location.

When I met David on a Bali beach one day, I was glad to tell him I had a girlfriend named Rockie. He too was hanging out with a female, that being a monkey named Mona. The monkey Mona was the most unusual animal I've ever seen. She knew how to swim in the ocean and anticipate the waves. She drank whiskey from the bottle and staggered around like a drunken human. And she was incredibly loyal to David. Like a guard dog, she would attack anyone who might be doing harm to her master.

Primates in love.

One evening David brought Mona out to the nightclub our group liked to party at until dawn. Mona attracted a lot of attention for David, especially from a sexy Indonesian girl whom he wanted to take home. He gave me Mona to bring back to the guesthouse and left with the girl. Mona started getting nervous and went absolutely ape-shit when she saw David kiss the girl outside the club. Mona broke my grip and ran out after him, jumping up on the girl and biting her. Mona kept going nuts on the poor girl until she had to run away.

Needless to say, David struck out that night.

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