Instant Celebrity

From the moment I arrived in Japan I was crowned an instant celebrity. Standing 6 foot 9 inches, I'm a sight anywhere I go, Japan being no exception. The whole country is very respectful, friendly and curious. They don't see many Westerners because the cost of travel is ruinously expensive here, so when I showed up towering more than a foot over them, I drew lots of attention.

30 Minutes of photos with fans on Miyajima.

Walking down the street I always got a big kick out of bowing to the old ladies. When they bowed back so respectfully, it never failed to make me laugh inside. Can't explain. When school kids on field trips would spot me, they'd swarm around and beg me to pose in a photo with them. It would not be uncommon to appear in a dozen group shots, with others lining up for the next opportunity.

Hagimoto believes in peace too.

Kids under seven would just stare inquisitively until their mothers came over to get them and apologize profusely. Teenage boys only want to shake hands and say, "Herrow!" Teenage girls giggle and whisper. Adults want to know where I'm from and invite me into their homes to meet their families and share a drink or a meal. Top marks to the Japanese people!

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