Kyoto My Home

Radical temples! Beautiful mountains! Castles, the Imperial Palace, and Buddhist monasteries. Dozens of museums and Zen gardens. Yea, I could hang.

Kyoto is definitely one of the world's most incredible cities. Spared from the bombs of World War II, the city is graced by elegant timber buildings, both religious and domestic. Every corner you turn is a new delight.

The trouble is finding a job, because every foreigner would like to live in this most fascinating city. Upon returning from my hitchhiking adventure I moved into a tiny apartment with my Austrian girlfriend. She had a job as a hostess, which is working in an expensive club pouring drinks and lighting cigarettes for the wealthy clientele. She was pulling down $200.00 a night, mostly in tips.

Let the interviews begin in Osaka.

I began blasting my resume around and listening for leads from other teachers. One came from a Canadian girl, whom I had an affair with. She set up an interview for me and the next week I was hired. I signed a one year contract with Nova Intercultural Institute as a conversational English teacher. Trouble was, I had to commute three hours a day into Osaka. However, Nova promised me a transfer into Kyoto, and it came through in four months.

When I had my job secured and knew I'd be able to save the money for my long dreamed of world tour, I began writing my first book, originally titled: World Stompers: A Young Person's Ultra-Budget Guide to Travel.

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