The Gargoyle

A tradition on Tuesday night started at my school in Kyoto. After work all the guys would go out for beers and some chow at a nearby micro-brewery. We called it T.N.B.W.T.B. (Tuesday Night Beers With The Boys). After a few fun outings an Irish teacher named Sara wanted to come along, as well as some of our cool students. Then we extended the name to T.N.B.W.T.B.A.S.A.S (Tuesday Night Beers With The Boys And Sara And Students).

Anyway, in the section we liked to sit worked the most hideous monster that could ever serve a beer. Gargoyle we called her, and she nodded in agreement with a grunt.

A very rare photo of the Gargoyle.

The makeup was caked on to disguise the stone flesh, and her raspy voice and cackle of a laugh permeated the place. The Gargoyle became Kyoto legend. The micro-brewery was re-named "Gargoyle's Place" and became quite a hot topic to discuss with our students. The folklore tales we spun emerged even more true-to-life when we would try to get a picture of her. She dodged, ducked, or disappeared from nearly every shot. Everyone postulated her origins and which gothic cathedral she perched upon by day.

One Tuesday night two dozen of us went down to drink with the 'Goyle. Much to our disappointment, we got word she no longer worked there. Theoreticians agree: creatures of this magnitude surface only but once a millennium.

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