A Hot and Humid Hellhole

I did not have a good experience in Kuala Lumpur the capital. In fact, I hated it. The unrelenting heat put me on edge, especially at the Indian embassy where I was told I would have to wait a week for my visa.

The Jame Mosque -- a good place for napping.

I set out to explore the city and try to find some semblance of fun. I was let down time and time again. Nothing much in this city but modern mosques and skyscrapers. Since Malaysia is mostly a devout Muslim country, and Kuala Lumpur is the capital, the streets are clear by 10:00 P.M. without even a bad excuse for a nightclub.

A Hindu gate and Japanese multinational.

My only solace in this urban hellhole was a Hindu temple. Unlike most Muslim mosques, the Hindus at least let me in. I got my first glimpse of the intricate Hindu religion with all its intense rituals. The Indian embassy issued my visa a few days early, but then I had to wait for the next available flight. I had to escape Kuala Lumpur for sanity reasons. I headed for the mountain jungles, only to be let down again . . .

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