What can be accomplished in the saying:

"Because we can."

What would be the noblest deed you could perform in this lifetime? My vision is a world peace and technology tour, on the road, spreading goodwill and demonstrating technology to a curious world. Social thinkers from Toynbee to Wells have long debated that our global society is in a race between education and catastrophe. I believe there is hope. Great hope. And because we can, the word is spreading, the website expanding, and others are sharing the vision.

There is no time in history this message meant so much to so many. All of us on this planet are truly one. Technology can liberate us. The Internet is the most formidable tool in the world. Digital broadcasts from anywhere on the planet is inevitable. The world will some day view itself as one.

I feel I am uniquely suited to make this unbelievable event become reality. I believe I (and anyone) can manifest their own destiny. My years of travel gave me the know-how, now it is just a matter of locating the funding.

Because we can!

visit the peacetour site and find out how you can join us.

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