Intro to Techno 101

Getting ready for the big night.

Every full moon at Haad Rin beach on Koh Phangan Island the thrill seekers and freaks from around the world gather for one amazing bash. The "Special Stone Night" kicks off at sunset, gathers momentum throughout the evening, and reaches a crescendos climax when the sun pops up over the Sea of Thailand. The crowd erupts in applause and many people jump into the sea as the tide begins to rise. Doobies spark up, girls take their tops off, and for one magical moment the throngs of international revelers celebrate a sort of world unity. Smiles, laughs, and mushrooms are all shared among the happy crowd as they dance into a new day on this tropical paradise. Welcome to your first Thai rave party.

The morning of a spin-off party a few days later.

The unifying force and the reason the masses gather is the music. Techno music. A repetitious beat played so loud and so encompassing that it gathers in your inner core until you feel extremely compelled to shake your bones. The music takes you through many nuances, highs and lows, until you shed all inhibitions and submit your mind and body over to the powers of your benevolent DJ. Hence, the quickest road to Nirvana.

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