The Melting Mountains

My tour itinerary for Southeast Asia was to continue a general travel direction south and east until I reached Australia. The conventional wisdom garnered from other Stompers recommended the melting mountains near the town of Krabi. Since it was on my way to Malaysia, why not have a look?

The only way in is by boat . . .

I found out from some travelers at my guesthouse in Krabi that the really cool formations were at Railay Bay. The only way to get there was on the morning boat at low tide. Rising early and catching the right boat, I was filled with a sense of anticipation as these most unusual mountains began to emerge.

. . . And once there, it's a paradise found.

An hour later we were at Railay Bay and I recognized several people from the full moon party on Koh Phangan. One dude, Frank, steered me in the right direction to a nice and inexpensive bungalow. By the time I dropped my backpack and ordered breakfast, Frank was passing me a big fat joint. That day was pure adventure as he gave me the grand tour of the place: the caves, the lagoon, snorkeling spots, rock climbing, and some remote beaches. All this fun was interspersed every hour with all the doobage I could smoke. The Melting Brains?

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