An Old G.I. Hangout

The big city hustle and bustle of Saigon started wearing on us, so the Aussie boys and I decided to go somewhere beautiful. We hired a cab to take us out to the old Australian army R & R seaside town Vung Tau. Formerly a French resort town known as Cap St. Jacques, it still retains the charm of an old European Mediterranean village.

Hanging out at a local rice shop with a few curiosity seekers

Today most Stompers go to Vung Tau for beaches and prostitutes. Much in the fashion of his country mates two decades ago, Nathan's hormones got the best of him when he saw some of the Asian beauties on the streets. He brought one back to our room one night and asked me to crash in Alex's room. Alex was next door asleep like me, and didn't want to get up. I told Nate to go about his business as I would like to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later they were naked in the 69 position and there was no way I was going back to sleep. The noises they were making sounded pretty funny, so I pulled out a bag of peanuts and sat up to watch the show. Nathan asked me if I wanted to jump into the mix, but I declined his offer...

Nathan near the shrine devoted to the goddess of the sea.

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