Take Out the Trees - Take Out the Life

You see it everywhere in rural Vietnam. Huge swatches of orange erosion tracts covering the land and hillsides. Over the past few decades of greedy lumber clear cutting practices, this once abundant rainforest country is practically decimated of nature. As recently as the 1950's Vietnam was famous for big game hunting: elephants, pythons, tigers, rams, rhinoceros, boars, and bears. Not any more. The closest you are going to get to seeing these animals is stuffed in souvenir shops or cafes.

The government's feeble attempt to re-forest an erosion tract.

Vietnam is a classic example of what is happening in most Southeast Asian developing countries: peace and stability, leading to rapid development and an urgent need for resources. The resulting expansion and burgeoning population are literally wiping out micro-habitats and eco-systems on a daily basis.

One of a thousand lumber yards scattered across the country.

What the leaders and people of these nations fail to realize is we humans are merely one link in an intricate chain of life. Remove too many links and the whole system may come crashing down in total eco-collapse. We can either come together and heal this dying planet, or face the wrath of Mother Nature on her own terms. There's not much time left.

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