A Stoned Voyage to a Buddhist Nunnery

Alex and I were stoned every day but one for the whole month we were in the 'Nam. Nathan was too, but he had to return to Japan after two weeks. Everyday with the lads was such a blast, why not be totally baked? Besides it was cheap, available, and pretty much legal.

On the path to Nirvana...

Our morning in the mountain town of Dalat began in typical fashion. Wake and bake, coffee and French bread, talk to a few locals and other travelers, smoke another spliff, and head off on an afternoon adventure. This day we wandered through the streets of "La Petit Paris" until we found ourselves on the outskirts of town. Down a few dirt roads and through an ancient graveyard until we stumbled upon a beautiful statue of a Buddhist maiden. Alex knew this symbolized an all female monastery. As we approached, I joked maybe we might be captured like the knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Songs and chanting for an hour.

We were met by several female monks who beckoned us in for tea and cookies and gave us incense. The women then invited us to join them in the temple where we all meditated in silence until the women began chanting. The best was when one woman got up and sang solo. Perhaps the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. Unfortunately, they let us leave...

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